About the Founder

My Name is Linda Rose Douglas and I own and operate Cascade Radiant Massage. I have been practicing massage therapy since 1993 and first began my training at the Golden Hands Healing Center in Palisades, Colorado. I apprenticed under Mary Golden, the owner of the healing center. Mary taught me the beautiful art of Hawaiian Lomilomi massage. The practice of this healing art transformed my life. I would like to share my story and perhaps my knowledge can transform your life too.

In 1993 I was a National Park Ranger working at the Colorado National Monument. I was attending church in Grand Junction, Colorado. This is where I met Mary Golden. Mary said, "Linda, practice massage off-season from being a ranger". I said no in absolute terms. Mary persisted. She had intuitive knowledge that massage would change my life and I would change other lives through my practice.

When I began learning Hawaiian Lomilomi, I did not like being touched. Every muscle on my body was painful with stress. Having experienced a recent divorce, I was filled with excessive stress and anger. But, in less than six months time of receiving and giving massage to others, my experience shifted into one of integration within my mind, body and spirit.

I began to feel the presence of energy within people. I was gifted with the intuitive knowledge of what an individual's body required from massage. Thus began my career in massage therapy.