Hawaiian Lomilomi

Lomilomi is a gentle touch - a connection of heart, hand and soul with the Source of All Life. The word, "Lomilomi" means to break up into small little pieces with the fingertips. The massage of Lomilomi does just that. It breaks up muscle knots, tension and spasms into little pieces with a special movement of the fingers.

Patients of Lomilomi relax through gentle touch to allow the deep pressure necessary to relieve the spasms without pain. Lomilomi is designed to be first relaxing, then reviving. Lomilomi utilizes the breath of both the therapist and the client to release stress and tension. Lomilomi incorporates acupressure points and long rhythmic strokes with deep tissue massage.

Lomilomi is both vigorous and soothing. The client receives the benefit of increased circulation of blood and lymph, which helps free toxins from the muscles.